MJS Safety provides drug testing collections to meet your needs . We offer 3 random testing consortiums - DOT FMCSA, DOT PHMSA & non-DOT Employer drug testing pools.  There is no annual fee for our program, unlike many other consortiums. 

A drug screening consortium is an association of companies or groups of employers that join together, as a single entity, for the purpose of Department of Transportation (DOT) drug and alcohol testing of its members. The member companies add their employees to a combined random testing pool. The third party administrator (MJS Safety) updates the pool and manages the selection process for our clients. 

Workplace drug-testing programs are designed to detect the presence of alcohol, illicit drugs, or certain prescription drugs. Drug testing is a prevention and deterrent method that is often part of a comprehensive drug-free workplace program for employees performing safety sensitive functions. Both federal and non-federal workplaces may have drug testing programs in place. Let us help you find the right policy and drug testing program for your company. 

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