From companies with pick-up trucks that meet the Commercial vehicle definition when hooked to a trailer, to the biggest of the tractor / trailer combinations, we strive to help companies - from management to drivers - understand how they are affected by the complicated world of FMCSA. We can help with every part of the process, including application for a new DOT number,  preparation and evaluation of your files, licensing and permitting for large or heavy loads, DOT audit preparation and much more. 

We have the experience to help your company understand how to comply with all of the requirements that they are subject to for the type of vehicles you operate and the states that you work in. Some of the DOT fleet management services we can provide include: 

Applying for a DOT number and Operating Authority
Policy development - Commercial Motor Vehicle Programs, Fleet Maintenance Policy, Drug & Alcohol Policies, etc. 
International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA ) weekly, monthly and quarterly management & Account Maintenance
Driver Qualification Files  preparation and auditing
Motor Vehicle Records requests for many states through our sub-vendor program
Unified Carrier Registration Filings
MCS-150 updates
DOT File management
Assistance with licensing, registration and setting up a DOT number
DOT Mock-Audit evaluations as well as participation and assistance during actual audits
New Entrant Audit preparation and guidance
Oversize/Overweight permitting services 
Trip / Fuel Permitting services
IRP licensing assistance
Driver training for log books, FMCSA regulations & responsibilities, inspections and CSA comprehension
2290 Heavy Vehicle Use Tax electronic filing
Hours of Service - training and compliance solutions
Log book auditing & evaluation 
Hazardous Materials training for drivers
Security Policies 

The New Entrant Safety Assurance Program  under 49CFR part 385, subpart D applies to all new U.S. and Canadian domiciled motor carrier owners and operators, seeking authority to conduct interstate operations within the United States.
All new entrants are a part of this program for 18 months, and must be audited by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, before obtaining permanent operating status. You are subject to this audit 90 days after entering this program. A new entrant will automatically fail a safety audit if found in violation of any one of 16 regulations.

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