MJS Safety LLC  perform Operator Qualification [OQ] Performance Evaluations and Exam Proctoring under the MEA EnergyU, Veriforce,  Energy WorldNet Assessment Center, OQSG system, and some NCCER Operator Qualifications.

MJS Safety has "Authorized" Performance Evaluators on staff that can perform this service for specific "Covered Tasks." MJS Safety is also available to assist with the Knowledge Based Training for these tasks. Knowledge-based training is designed to help personnel successfully pass the OQ Performance Evaluations.

The Operator Qualification Rule - commonly referred to as the "OQ Rule," addressed in Title 49 of the Code of Federal regulations, mandates that individuals who perform "Covered Tasks" on pipeline facilities be qualified through the Operator Qualification Process.
The intent of the OQ rule is to ensure protection of both pipeline personnel and the general public at large. Providing individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills is an essential element of any Operator and Contractor OQ plan.

Acceptable requirements for qualification are determined by the operator. The quality and validity of data related to OQ training, testing, and performance is critical to meet these requirements. 

For more information on PHMSA Pipeline Regulation and Requirements visit www.phmsa.dot.gov

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